Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Deep Blue Sea:

some words on Terence Davies's beautiful The Deep Blue Sea for InRO, current frontrunner for best film of the year status.

Viewing, 4/6/12 - 4/18/12:

Rampage (William Friedkin)
Flash Point (Wilson Yip)
Ip Man 2 (Wilson Yip)
Time Crimes (Nacho Vigalondo)
Not Quite Hollywood (Mark Hartley)
Machete Maidens Unleashed! (Mark Hartley
The Cabin in the Woods (Drew Goddard)
Lockout (James Mather/Stephen St. Leger)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Viewing, 3/28/12 - 4/5/12:

The Hunger Games (Gary Ross)
Battle Royale II: Requiem (Kinji Fukasaku, Kenta Fukasaku)
Mandrill (Ernesto Diaz Espinoza)
Kiltro (Ernesto Diaz Espinoza) W/O
Mirageman (Ernesto Diaz Espinoza) W/O
Fascination (Jean Rollin)

a massively mediocre week of movie watching for yours truly.