Saturday, August 1, 2009


"If there's one thing I think I'm sure of, it's the fact that I must marry... I'm pretty sure about this, I think. Yes, it is time I settled down, grew up. There's no choice really: not settling down and not growing up are killing me. I've got to quit it, being young, before it's too late. I must marry... and settle down and raise a family. I must be safe. Christ, safe sounds frightening. Settling down - that seems a bit adventurous, a bit precipitate, to me. Having kids! That's what takes real balls. To become a husband and a father: no you can't get much butcher than that. Yet nearly everyone shapes up to it in the end. I bet you have or will soon. I want it too, I think, in a way.
Of course, something is missing. Ah, you noticed. You are not blind. But it is missing in me, in her, it is missing, it will never be there. We are very well suited. We get along like nobody's business. I must marry. If I don't, I'll just die..."

Martin Amis, "Money"


Jake said...

"Sign on the window says "Lonely,"
Sign on the door said "No Company Allowed,"
Sign on the street says "Y' Don't Own Me,"
Sign on the porch says "Three's A Crowd,"
Sign on the porch says "Three's A Crowd."

Her and her boyfriend went to California,
Her and her boyfriend done changed their tune.
My best friend said, "Now didn' I warn ya,
Brighton girls are like the moon,
Brighton girls are like the moon."

Looks like a-nothing but rain . . .
Sure gonna be wet tonight on Main Street . . .
Hope that it don't sleet.

Build me a cabin in Utah,
Marry me a wife, catch rainbow trout,
Have a bunch of kids who call me "Pa,"
That must be what it's all about,
That must be what it's all about."

--Bob Dylan,
Sign on the Window.

Danimal said...

very nice sir.

Jake said...

I didn't write it, I just cry while listening to it sometimes.

Anonymous said...

are you getting married?

Danimal said...

It happened on the 24th, and went swimmingly. The Amis quote doesn't neccesarily reflect my opinion on my lovely wife or the institution itself - I just stumbled upon while reading and it seemed to juicy to pass up. Of course, there are one or two people out there who might consider me to be a cold hearted bastard.

Anonymous said...

When does Daniel Jr. arrive?