Friday, May 28, 2010


'Some films that we admire discourage us, 'How can we do any better?' But they're not the best ones. The best films open doors. Cinema seems to start and restart with them. My Life To Live is like that.'

Truffaut, as narrated by Jean Narboni

'It's easy to get anxious about the place of Jean-Luc Godard in our cultural slipstream. He's held a top shelf slot of honor that has seemed unassailable for nearly sixty years, but sometimes I fear that his currency is becoming drastically devalued in our always renovating purgatory of digital 3-D candy corn... It will remain a Godardian world, no matter what comes, but who will know it?'

Michael Atkinson

a recent interview with Godard, courtesy of (and translated by) the indispensable Craig Keller.

'I don't believe in the body of work. There are works, they might be produced in individual installments, but the body of work as a collection, the great oeuvre, I have no interest in it. I prefer to speak in terms of pathways. Along my course, there are highs and there are lows, there are attempts... I've towed the line a lot.'


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